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How does my insurance work?

What is the insurance fee? When do I select/waive the student health insurance?

How are U covered?

Ohio State students are required to have health insurance.

This web site will help you select the option that's right for you.

Insurance coverage and tax form 1095-B

Insurance coverage and tax form 1095-B

Insurance companies as well as those who have health insurance now need to report the coverage to the IRS. Does your company have your information? Find out more here

Comprehensive Plan

Ohio State's Comprehensive Plan provides excellent emergency, inpatient, and outpatient medical and mental health coverage for students while they are on campus, at home, or traveling anywhere in the world. The plan also offers limited coverage for immunizations and preventive services, vision screening and eyewear, basic dental services, and prescription drugs.

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Wilcecare is a low-cost option designed to supplement a student's private health insurance. The supplement covers primary medical care for the treatment of illness or injury and also includes prescription coverage for services rendered exclusively at the Wilce Student Health Center. Preventive care and vaccines, dental services, and routine eye exams are not covered.

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Waiving Coverage

Before assuming that you are covered adequately by another policy, evaluate its eligibility rules and levels of coverage in your campus area.

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